Batam City in My Perspective

Been living for almost 3 months in this city, I’m still trying to find my comfort zone. Slow but sure I believe I’ll find it. Every city in Indonesia has their own atmosphere, soul, and social life. Jogja, Solo, Bandung, Jakarta, even Padang and Samarinda, all those Cities have their authentic. What about Batam?

Okay, this is my second chance to step on my feet on this island. My first impress, Batam is more crowded than my first visit on 2007. Surely because of a lot of people come to Batam to try their luck (including me hehehe). Many developers develop land into housing for thousands of employee. The impact is, yes, crowded, traffic jam.

Negative Impression? No at all. Batam always has fascination to be visited. At least that’s what I feel ater stay for almost 3 months. Barelang, Nongsa, Harbour Bay, and many uncover exciting places are wait to be revealed. I try to capture every interesting moment in Batam city. This is the first chapter. Enjoy.

Barelang Bridge


Second Bridge of Barelang

Barelang Bridge  is a chain of 6 bridges  that connect the islands of Batam, Rempang, and Galang.


Silent Twilight at Nongsa Beach


Floating Boat

Nongsa Beach is white sandy and clear water beach which is located at North-East of Batam.


Coastarina with Batam Center Harbour as background


Batam Center Harbour

Batam Center Harbour is one of ferry terminal in Batam beside Sekupang and Nongsa ferry terminal.


Nagoya as foreground, Harbour Bay as background


Nagoya when sunsets


Fullmoon over the city



Singapore from Tanjung Uma

This is the first Chapter… Enjoy..

2 thoughts on “Batam City in My Perspective”

  1. Dear Andy, immediately after you left, I went to your web page, What I liked he most are the subtle colors of the skies in all of your pictures. Obviously all done around the so called “golden hours” Lovely – if you have time I would really appreciate if you could show me ‘the tricks of the trade’. However allow me another comment as well: many of your pictures are not “tack sharp”, why? Do you never use tripod when doing pictures in low light? Or are the pictures on the web page just bad because of web???

    Anyway would like to meet you again asap to roam around Batam during the golden hours to catch some nice views of this island. When my wife is back from her Umrah, she can drive us around, so you can also carry some tripod or monopod.

    By the way which kind of camera you are using, if Canon, even APC-S, I could lend you some of my lenses; don’t forget I have a few rather good zooms for my 600D as well.

    Again my sincere thanks for your help and lecture – your Michael

    1. Dear Michael, some picture taken without tripod, and I still using APs-C camera which is lack sharper than fullframe camera. Because you are familiar with fullframe and L series lenses and I still use EF-S lenses which have different build quality. Currently I still have a lot of work to do at office may be next month we can roam around Batam together.

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