Ramadhan 1433 H in Jogja

In this post, I would like to present you an unique atmosphere during fasting month Ramadan 1433H in Jogja, well captured in few images I tried to find new moment, new place, to represent Jogja in frame. Some places maybe familiar, but still worth to look. Enjoy!

a View from railway bridge near from Malioboro street and Tugu Train Station.

Airplane and Train, transportation mode. Train become popular because cheap, but recently airplane become an option to people who need time efficiency.

A farmer cultivate his land before starting to plant the seed. Located at Berbah, near from Adi Sucipto airport.

Footpath in the middle of Jati plantation. Berbah, Jogja.

Merapi’s view from the top of Candi Abang hill. Still in Berbah.

Going home through the railway.

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